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Here is a link to the US Humane Society's website that answers questions about the proposed PAWS legislation:

The article also debunks the myth that rescue groups will be affected by its passage.

Will PAWS have a detrimental effect on rescue organizations or animal shelters?

No. Some commercial breeders and organizations who profit from the high-volume sale of dogs and cats are using scare tactics to confuse caring people in the rescue community into taking a position against the PAWS legislation. These groups claim that if the bill passes anyone who rescues more than 25 dogs a year will need a federal license. This is not true. We hope those who work to rescue animals will not be fooled by these tactics. To oppose the PAWS bill is to oppose improvements in the treatment of animals at large-scale commercial breeding operations.

The PAWS bill deals strictly with businesses who sell dogs and cats. Non-profit rescue groups who charge an adoption/donation fee are not selling animals.

There are two more clickabale links on the USHUS page with more information on why PAWS won't affect rescue groups under the "Learn More" caption.
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