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Couldnt help taking some pics of Roxy and her brother Bronco playing with their new bones. Sorry for so many pics, but I couldnt decide which ones were cutest! lolol:wub:


"Mum, watch me chewz this!"

Then she got all excited and started jumping around her bone and flinging it into the air all crazy lolol:HistericalSmiley:

"Hi mum!"


"Huh? Nah I aint seen no bone 'round here."

"I hears a noise!"

"Mum, can youz do me a favorz n throw dis so I can go gets it?"

Its amazing how much joy they bring me in just a single day :cloud9:

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Very cute pictures of our furkids enjoying their bones :wub:
Scooby and Koko are not avid chewers and I have a hard time finding something that they will exercise their teeth and gums on. :blush:
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