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Oh yes, I use these on Ritzy and my favorite product of all time is that Silk Cream!! It is LUCIOUS!!!!! and it is like pure gold, at $18.oo a jar!!!

Oh Karla, I agree. The Silk Cream is what really makes it so phenomenal for me.

I'm so glad that all the feedback I've been receiving so far has been so good.:thumbsup:

I always try things out first on my two, and use it for at least a month before making any decision before bringing it in. But even then, you can have varying results with different people and Malts. I've never been so bold as to make such an announcement like I did when I decided to bring the PurePaws line in. So I'm thrilled and relieved it's delivering the same great results to others as I experienced with mine.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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