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I also love the PurePaws line of grooming products. They are top knotch, and Crystal does an excellent job of recommending the best products for the specific needs of each baby.

My Daphne Rose was going through "the change" with her coat about a month ago, and she was matting very badly. I am so grateful I called Crystal and shared my frustration with her because I was ready to give up and call a groomer to shave most of her coat.

Crystal recommended the Reconstructing Shampoo, Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner, Silk Cream, and the Ultra Shine Spray for Daphne Rose. She also took the time to explain how to dilute the shampoo at 50/50 for best results. She explained how the Silk Cream and Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner work best when they are mixed and heat activated. I followed her instructions and was so happy I did!!! Daphne's coat was much softer and silkier.

My absolute favorite product is the Ultra Shine Spray. It is my miracle in a bottle. It can get out the most stubborn mats while conditioning the hair. It does not leave the coat greasy like other products I tried. I was tempted to use it in my hair the other day for the smell alone.

With Daphne Rose being my first long haired maltese, I was using all of the wrong products before I knew about the PurePaws line. When I finally do get Daphne Rose groomed, I will be asking the groomer to use PurePaws on her only.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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