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Question about starting to give home cooked meals

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How slowly do you introduce the food? Could you please walk me through the "steps" on how to switch from dry dog food to home cooked meals? I read the Strombeck book but I don't recall reading about this. Thanks!
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i thought he gave a few suggestions? i just remember that people actually fast their dogs---which is really messed up.

in barkers grub...they say to gradually change their food.

with me---i just started them on bland chicken and rice (i did the same with jongee). our dogs were totally fine, i think jongee had soft poo for about a week. not diahrea...but just soft poo. so make sure the sanitary cut is really good. LOL

so yeah, bland chicken and rice and wait till her stomach adjusts...and SLOWLY add the veggies. i'd start off with gerber stuff---cuz its watered down.
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