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Lexi's Mom,

I too started slow in that I had been giving Teddy fruit in the morning and leaving his dry kibble out for him...I then started adding a protien such as yogurt or cottage cheese in the morning...still leaving the kibble. Once I started to cook dinner for him, I had already incorporated some veggies in the morning, asparagus, green beans, etc. so it was just a matter of getting another home cooked meal once I started at night. I still kept giving kibble but he stopped eating that pretty much right away. Teddy loves his natural food and has not even snacked on kibble since we first started...he was never a gobble down kind of eater...still is not. He looks at what I give him every day and looks up as to say thanks and then takes his time eating...sometimes he will leave some and sometimes I have to actually start giving him a couple bites by hand to start him to eating.

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