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Originally posted by Joe@Feb 23 2005, 10:47 PM
a subject i know something about 
yes the floors can be sanded and restained, HOWEVER, you would need to find someone who knows what they are doing, it is hard to find anyone very familiar with heart pine, its not a wood that is readily available now, with most of it coming from old barns and houses, 30 years ago it was somewhat common, the thing about pine, all pine is it soaks up stain, so you may have to go farther into the wood than is available to refinish it, call some local flooring people for quotes and suggestions, depending on the shape of it, it may be better/cheaper to lay down new floor
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I would tend to agree with Joe about considering laying down new floor. Wood flooring is so much cheaper now than in years past. I'd definitely check out both options ...and compare pricing.
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