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Question for knitters

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I have found a simple sweater pattern I would like to try. I am a beginner and made some scrafs for gifts. Any suggestions on the type of yarn I should use. I went to AC Moore and they have so many types. Is there a specific blend I should use?
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Well if you are making a sweater to be warm for winter then I would get "super wash wool" (won't shrink). But if its for warmer weather then an acrylic blend would be fine. I would get baby yarn as its normally softer than other brands, unless you want the more expensive kind. :)

I am not an expert, just knit and crochet a bit when I have the time. :)
I have no idea, but I know there are some knitters in the group - I'm sure they'll pop in and give you their opinion.

I crochet (sometimes) but just go by the pretty colors. :)

Oops! Just noticed Kelly's post.
Hi Rita - I started taking knitting lessons this winter and started a thread about patterns and got some great ideas. Some of the patterns call for certain threads (the knitting kinds of threads). I tried various types of yarn from heavy chenille types to light cottony ones. Depends on patterns and gauge. Here's the link. Would love to see any you make when you're done. I put away the knitting needles with the hot weather.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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