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Question on trimming on back legs near rectumn

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I have a question, I've been trimming Toby for some time but I still have trouble figuring out how to do area around his rectum.
I did put Cowboy Magic detangler and shine on his hind quarters today to see if that would help as hate it when I miss checking him and later find he has poo on his back side.

Seems like his back legs the coat is fuller and I'm not doing something right as it's bushy, don't know how else to explain.

I don't cut his hair short I leave it fairly long.

Linda and Toby :blush:
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:huh: I not sure I can answer well enough for you.. But when I have fully coated dogs for showing, the hairs are trimmed to skin right next to rectum to help the poo not cling to any hairs. I think many show people trim enough to prevent clingers.
I use scissors and cut real close. But on the hind quarter where it is "bushy" i use thinning scissors to thin it out. Lilly doesn't like me messing with her legs so it is tricky to get her to stand still.
:wub:Thanks for the help, I was wondering about using thinning shears on the hind quarters so I will try that. I tried using my small clippers that I use on his feet around his rectum and that helped some. I think the cowboy Magic helped also. I like the longer look but then my girls and even sister in law said you didn't want a dog you wanted a baby to play with. I do like to comb his hair it's so soft and after his bath he is so pretty, and smells so nice.

Linda and Toby :thumbsup:
I do all my own grooming and believe me when I say I don't know what I'm doing and the thinning scissors are my best friend. :)
You can hide almost anything with them.
I'm going to give him a bath tomorrow so I will give the thinning shears a try. Thanks to all of you who responded to my question.
Linda and Toby :thumbsup:
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