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Rabies shot today for Kitzel

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Kitzel has not had good reactions to a few things---shots---advantix :smilie_tischkante:---so keep us in your thoughts as we head out to the vet in a bit for the big Rabies scare!
I wanted to premedicate w/antihistimine but the 2nd vet that I spoke w/in our office strongly advised against it. My regular vet is good but wasn't there and this vet is good but young and not so experienced.
I took new photos today so will try, try, try to post w/in the next couple of days. My this little guy has grown up too quickly. Yesterday he was 5 months old!
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Oh I hope your little one will be okay. Mine had the 3 year rabies shot and was lethargic for a few hours but then was back to normal. I hope he has no reaction. .:prayer:
Sandi I just said a prayer for your adorable Kitzel:hugging:he will be ok
praying that everything goes well w kitzel n his rabies shot.
I hope your little Kitzel did well with his rabies shot. My CeeCee got her 3 year rabies booster today and I always have Diphenhydramine shot before any vaccine. Why did your vet say not to do it? Just curious.....anyway I hope the shot turns out fine for your little baby!!! Good luck......CeeCee did just fine and has not shown any problems and she got it this morning.
Thanks for the prayers for Kitzel! This was his easiest shot so far---go figure! All that worry "umsonst."
He is a bit lazy & a bit sore but eating. I forced water today because he only went pee once yest. morning----total for 24 hrs. So am glad he can drink from the nozzle bottle! I tried to post an updated photo w/out success. When I catch a minute I will give it a little more try-hard!
oh I'm so relived to hear that it went well for him!! That's always a worry.

Sadly, I have to get mine to have rabies every year here (per the law), but she hasn't had any reactions to them yet, so that eases my mind a bit.
I'm glad things went well. Zoey's had a reaction to shots too so I know how much that can make you worry.
Nice to hear everything is ok with your baby.
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