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Rain on a Saturday Morn.............

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I took a few pics of her and wanted to share!! Love my little Rainybutt!!!


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Pictures of your Rain brings sunshine to the Day!
SOOOOOOO cute!!! I love the big bow too!!
Rainybutt:HistericalSmiley: I love it:chili: aww she's a beauty alright:wub: I love her little face, she looks so kissable
Awe, she is so beautiful:wub: Thank you for sharing.
:tender: Ahhh, there's that little Rainybutt princess *sigh* she's so pretty.
Now that's the kind of Rain I'd love on a Sat. morn. She looks beautiful :wub:
Love Rain and love the big baby blue bow! You know how I love blue on maltese, Dianne! :)
Rain is so sweet! Her coat has grown out so beautifully. Give her a kiss for me and CeeCee too:wub:
Beautiful princess Girl Rain!!!
Oh your little Rain butt :) is a beauty!!! Love her.
She is just toooooo precious:wub:
Rain is a little bit of sunshine, any day!! I love seeing photos of her especially in her satin bows!! What a beauty!!!
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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