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We went to the NASCAR race this past weekend in Fort Worth, TX
Sophie was worried that she would get left at home...
Dog Dog clothes Canidae Maltepoo Dog breed

Babies sleeping...
Dog Dog breed Mammal Canidae Maltese

Dog Canidae Dog breed Pink Carnivore

The girls in their car seat waiting for my brother to get out of school...
Dog Vertebrate Dog breed Mammal Canidae

Sophie sleepy in the car and tired of the car seat...(She's buckled in still ;) )
Canidae Dog Maltese Miniature schnauzer Schnoodle

Bailey is worn out from all of the traveling and happy to be home in her bed...
Canidae Dog Dog bed Carnivore Maltese

I see another Maltese!
Pink Purple Violet Magenta Room

Who's under there?
Maltese Dog Dog breed Canidae Bichon

Now I'm sleepy...
Maltese Canidae Dog Dog breed Bichon

It's more cozy in here...
Canidae Maltese Companion dog Dog breed Carnivore
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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