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I dont know if any of you use the Raw diet, but I thought there were some. I know alot of you home cook, maybe I'm confusing the two. Phoebe and I went to the pet expo yesterday, and the holistic vet that I had been to with Holli was speaking there. He is a firm believer in no carbs or grains and is really into the raw diet. He and my holistic dog food store place guy (hows that for a title) both have had rescues with serious issues that this has helped resolve, so I'd guess in some serious cases some have thought to try it but just out of time or gross-ness or whatever, cannot.

Anyway I didnt know if this has ever been posted, but for anyone interested, this place sends you the prepared stuff frozen.

Website for prepared raw food

We bought the dried turkey heart treats and Phoebe is going nuts for them.

disclaimer: I am not endorcing the raw food diet, I am just the messenger
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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