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Red Circles on Rileys paws

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Hey guys,
So when we brought Riley home we noticed some blood on our sheets where he was jumping on, we checked his paws and noticed on each paw on the black part there is a little red dot it looks like he might have wore it off or something is cut, but what would the chance be that thats on every single paw. I upoloaded the image and the mark is on the bottom left. If anyone knows about anything that it would be it would be greatly appreciated. We brought it to the vet and he told us to try epsom salts with warm water at first. Any other suggestions?


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Hmmm, I'm not surew what this could be- perhaps a little blister? I'm sure someone more knowledgable will give you a better idea. Good luck and hope he's okay.
Since I'm trying to catch up here I had to go look at other threads to ge a bit of info on Riley and see he was a stray. ( First it's wonderful that you adopted him!! thank you!)

Not knowing what his background I'm taking a wild guess that maybe he had been caged in wire cage for some time? I think pups that are in that situation often get sores on their feet from the wire bottoms. From the photo and since you say it's on all and from the two I can see it looks like the area is about the same which to me would be consistan with the wire-cage senerio as well.

I think the 'salt-soak' would be helpful and then maybe apply one of the 'balms' they have for dog pads, though I'd like to see something like neosporin put on to heal and help with infection... I'd put some socks on to help prevent infection if the wounds are open.
My Missy had a yeast infection along with a secondary bacterial infection on her toe nail and onto pads. I went to 'dollar-stores' and thrift stores and bought several pairs of baby socks. I then sewed long strips of elastic ( used for waistbands) to outside of each sock . When I put them on her I'd crisscross the straps across her back tieing right front to rear left and left front to rear right.This kept them on her very nicely and the elastic allowed for 'movement'.. It allowed me to put ointment on and she couldn't lick it plus kept it from getting infection. .
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I'm sure others have better info than me but any chance Riley was on a very hot sidewalk and it could have been a blister from that? Really not sure but thought I'd throw that in since it's summer.
Aww poor baby. At first glance it just looks like a blister. I'm not sure what it is but I think trying to keep it clean and dry would be a good idea until it heals on it's own or you identify what it is.

I used a non stinging childrens foaming cleanser that I had on hand when my havanese had a hotspot. It worked well and I knew it wouldn't hurt him. Be careful of products with tea tree oil in them it will sting when you put it on the soar.

Is neosporin safe for dogs if they lick it?
I'd try very tiny amounts of the neosporin - years ago my vet recommended it when Sam had some sort of sore (can't even remember where now) and said it wouldn't hurt if she licked as long as it was a tiny amount of ointment.
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