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Rescue Advice

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Hi Guys,

Several years ago I took in male chihuahua that needed to be rehomed - his owners were going to take him to a kill shelter so I stepped in. I got him cleaned up fixed and up to date on all of his shots, I was going to foster him and work with a rescue but ended up giving him to my MIL who's dog had just passed away.

He has happily been with her for about 4 years. Unfortunately she had a massive anneurism a little over a year ago and she has had increasing difficulty taking care of him. His situation in the house became less stable and he started acting out, barking and nipping at guests - he has become very skittish and is also quite overweight at this point. Yesterday we decided he really needed to be in a different situationa and I took him home with me.

I am unable to keep him long term due to my husbands allergies to dogs with fur and Izzy's extreme hatred of him. So I need to find a new home for him. I would keep him if I could. I have contacted our local Chihuahua rescue as he really needs a great forever home and I don't want him bounced around - he's a really sweet little guy he just need the right situation.

Can anyone suggest any other organizations in NW Indiana or rescue information that might be helpful in this situation.

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Hi Leslie, how unfortunate your MIL had that health problem and was unable to continue to keep him...

I think you are on the right track - contacting a breed specific rescue. You could google up "chihuahua rescue indiana" and see which others might pop up (contact several since so many are innundated with dogs now)... if you are unable to keep him at your house, do you think you could let your MIL keep him (since it was a stable situation for him there for 4 years) with you stopping in to walk him, etc ... the things she is now less able to do ... until a perfect forever home comes along? I'm just thinking it would be less bouncing around. Of course, I have no idea how far away she lives from you...
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