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Rescue Maltese Available For Adoption: Midget

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FEMALE (4 years old)
Location: Covington, Georgia

Hi, my name is Midget because I am a tiny little 6 ½ pound girl. My foster mom says that I must have come from heaven because I have almost turned into an angel. :innocent:
I spent my early years as a breeder living in a cage. I didn't receive much attention, so I do not easily learn to trust people. Now that I have been living with my foster family, I am learning what love and trust is all about!! It is wonderful!!!

I love playing with my foster sisters; and we all sleep together in our little beds.
My hair has grown in nice and silky, as you can see from my picture (aren't I a cutie?), but I also like wearing my long johns when I get chilly. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, I love all my squeaky toys - which is all new to me since I didn't even know how to play before and never saw a toy!

I'm still working on the house training thing, but I'm smart so I'm sure I will learn soon if you will patiently help me. A fenced yard will be best for me.

Foster mommy says that I am a precious little lady who needs parents who will give me a lot of love and patience. I respond best to gentle voices and a quiet atmosphere, so I would probably do best in a home without children or teens.

I lost quite a few teeth during my dental, but can still eat kibble in small amounts at a time (I’m a dainty eater) or canned food.

I am very, very sweet and so grateful to be given the chance at living a life outside a cage as part of a real family who will love me. I am up to date with my shots and spayed.

If you are interested in giving me a forever home, please contact Cindy at Southern Comfort Maltese Rescue (email : [email protected])

Thank you for considering adding me to your family!!! :)
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Midget has been adopted. :)
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