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Rescue Raffle Time - Rules/Info

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Announcing... The Spoiled Maltese Raffle

We all love our spoiled Maltese and that's why we're here! However, not every Maltese is fortunate enough to be spoiled, have loving parents and a happy life, which is where rescue organizations come in. They rescue Maltese from all over, and help to find them a warm, loving home. Most of us on SM know the wonderful work that rescue organizations do to help Maltese. Many of you even own a rescue fluff.

You will have an entire month of to send a donation to the Rescue Group of YOUR choice. Once you have mailed the check or sent the money via PayPal (each Rescue has their own way of accepting donations), you will send me a PM or an email to [email protected] and let me know how much you sent as well as the name of the rescue group you donated to so that I can verify your donation. If you receive a receipt from the rescue organization, please attach it to your PM or email. (Should you need the name of Rescue Organizations, please see Spoiled Maltese's Home Page.)

Once I receive your PM, I will send you back your raffle ticket numbers. Tickets are $5.00 and for each 12 tickets purchased ($60.00) you will receive 1 extra ticket -- so instead of 12 tickets, you will get 13.

You may buy as many raffle tickets as you want! The drawing will be held randomly and winners will be announced shortly after the raffle ticket buying period. I will PM your raffle ticket numbers to you between June 14, 2010 and July17, 2010. The drawing will take place on July 19, 2010.

We have some wonderful prizes that have been donated from our members. All of the prizes are not being listed today. Please check back daily to see additional prizes that have been added.

Also check back to see the running total of the amount of money that the Rescue Raffle has generated to help with the poor little furbutts that weren't as lucky as ours to have great SM Moms and Dads. I will update the total every few days.

Thank you all for your wonderful support. Now go to the next post for the prizes.

As in previous years, I will be donating to this worthy cause, but will not be eligible to win a prize
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So far the following prizes have been donated for the Rescue Raffle.

Please check back often as new prizes (and pictures) are being added daily.

1. Lady's Mom (Marj) - $25 Gift Certificate to M'Lady's Dog Bows
2. Spoiled Maltese (Jung) - Lifetime SM Membership
3. Spoiled Maltese (Jung) - Lifetime SM Membership
4. Amby (Orla) - Maltese Dog Bracelet
5. Amby (Orla) - Maltese Dog Bracelet
6. The A Team (Pat) - Coffee Mug with Your Fluff's Pictures on it
7. Tanner's Mom (Marti) - Tanner Tog of your choice
8. Crystal&Zoe (Crystal) & PurePaws - PurePaws Products Selection
9. Donnad (Donna) - $25 Gift Certificate to on-line store of your choice
10. Tiger's Mom (Des) - $25 Gift Certificate to GoFetch
11. KAG (Kerry) - Maltese Painted Madan Brush
12. Hunter's Mom (Erin) - Custom Made Tutu
13. bellaratamaltese (Stacy) - $50 Gift Certificate to Show Dog Store
14. bellaratamaltese (Stacy) - $50 Gift Certificate to Petedge
15. bellapuppy - $25 Gift Certificate to PetSmart or PetCo - your choice
16. KAG (Kerry) - Madan Brush & Comb Set
17. Snowbody (Susan) - xxs Kwigy Bo T-Shirt
18. TheMalts&Me (Kat) - 2 Special Dog Toys
19. Plenty Pets 20 (Edie) - Maltese Purse
20. Lady's Mom (Marj) - Dress from PrissyPaws
21. Amby (Orla) - Tutu
22. Amby (Orla) - Tutu
23. Snowbody (Susan) - xxs Kwigy Bo Fleece Jacket
24. KAG (Kerry) - Madan Brush & Comb Set
25. Michellerobison - Maltese Pet Tag
26. Luvmyfurbaby (Maggie) - Bed
27. Luvmyfurbaby (Maggie) - Carrier

See some of the picture in the next post.
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Picture of some of the prizes


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More pictures.


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Remember that we have more exciting prizes that will be posted each day. You can begin sending in your donations to the Rescue Groups immediately.
:chili::chili::chili: OH!!! My favorite time of year!!!! RAFFLE TIME!!!!!:chili::chili::chili:

OK, let's get started!!! WOOHOO!!! Hope i win something....Hope I win something......!!!

This is so much fun, i hope everyone participates this year!!!!
I'm gonna donate something...just trying to think of what. I'll let you know over the weekend Lynn!
I know that we have several other prizes and I will be adding to the list every day or two for the next couple of weeks. Heck, I haven't even announced what I'm donating this year yet and I have several other "surprises" up my sleeve. Don't want everyone to get too excited all at once.

And, remember, even a $5 donation is meaningful. If everyone of our SM members donated $5, think of how much money we would have raised to help the rescues. So never think that a small donation isn't meaningful because the combined money makes a powerful statement.
oh I need to get a new pic of a tutu cos that was the first one I ever made about a year and a half ago!

All the other prizes look great!
sure sounds like so much fun :D Thanks Lynne (hugs) I wont be around during raffle time, but I will later catch up on what I will miss:chili:
Lynn - also count me in for donating a $25 gift certificate for Crystal's Pampered Pet Boutique :)
BUMP. Let's get some more donations for this great cause.:chili:
bumping too.... :D
Hehe I didn't even think about it this morning but my donation to Gypsy is worth some raffle tickets! :)
We have some new prizes that have been donated to the raffle:

1. Sally's Bit of Clay Christmas Ornament - MySugarBears
2. 2 Vests - revakba
3. Toy and Key Chain - revakba
4. Halloween T-Shirt and Toy - revakba
5. Spa Lavish Gift Basket and Customized Towel - Lacie's Mom


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This looks so fun! OMG, I LOVE that personalized Madan brush!

To buy tickets can I use PayPal? I don't have anything worth donating LOL.
Read Post #1. You buy tickets by donating to the Rescue Organization of your choice. Many of the organization take PayPal but some only take a check. Talk to the rescue organization that you want to donate to, make the donation and pm or email me with a copy of the receipt and I will issue you ticket numbers. :)
Hehe I didn't even think about it this morning but my donation to Gypsy is worth some raffle tickets! :)

I know what you mean...they are so many in need but since I know about Gypsy, (Southern Comfort ...that's were my raffle money is going.:thumbsup: they accept credit card as well.
More Raffle Prizes Added:

1. Step-In Harness from Tickled Pink Boutique - ThinkPink (Angelyn)
2. Sculpture from Christine Monroe - My Sugar Bears (Debbie)
I just donated to Metropolitan Maltese. Gonna send you my confirmation via email Lynn. Also, please count me in for donating a $25 gift certificate to Crystal's store!
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