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Rex's Birthday Pictures

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He was such a wonderful model through all the lights and wardrobe changes! I took 52 shots and need to go through them and color correct and crop and stuff. He was so cute in all of them! I should have a few of the best ones ready to be posted tomorrow!
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OK...I cant wait, I have to show you all just one before I go through them all!
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Originally posted by LadyMontava@Sep 4 2005, 06:54 PM
aww he is handsome!  where do u get ur backdrops?  are they cheap?
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Thank you for all the wonderful comments everyone!

LadyM- I get the backdrops from
I go through their store on eBay for the best prices. We have the 12ft wide by like 30 ft long backdrop. I did a lot of sports photography and needed the long ones for the floor for full shots. I still use them for my daughters gymnastics, on on eBay they run about $90-$150 for the size I get, but much cheaper for smaller ones.
Originally posted by MalteseJane@Sep 5 2005, 09:23 PM
Where is the rest ? He is handsome in his tuxedo. At least you can see it on him. I have one for Alex but his beard is so long that you cannot see the front of the tuxedo.
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Thanks! The hat looked goofy when I put the chin strap on, made his hair look funny and the hat didnt want to stay on at all without it! Hubby has been using the computer for work all day so I havent had a chance to get on here. I will get them posted after I am done teaching tomorrow. I'm off to bed now!

Here's another one, the hat didnt want to stay on but I thought this one was kinda cute!
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Okay I will put more up when I get them resized. I think maybe I should ask LadyM to change my collage picture if it isnt too much of a problem, since the one I gave for the collage was from May and he doesnt look like that anymore! How 'bout it LadyM? Also I am going to need help choosing which one to submit to the calendar contest. We have until the 10th right Joe?
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Ok here is the last one for awhile...I need to get back downstairs and see how the kids are doing on their school work! I will try and post some more later!
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Originally posted by MalteseJane@Sep 6 2005, 06:19 PM
He isn't THAT naked ! 

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Well, He doesnt have any clothes on!
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Originally posted by puppylucy+Sep 6 2005, 08:52 PM-->
@Sep 6 2005, 12:02 PM

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that's sooo cute.

he's so little!

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Thank you! I think that is my favorite too!
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