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Maybe this will help some of you

Question :
The Maltese dog named Dixie mentioned in a previous column licks and bites on her paws.
We have a bichon frise, Judley, who did the same thing, as well as scratch himself until he would bleed. We too, had medicated him, until one day I had a conversation with a neighbor who owned a Maltese. She mentioned that she took her dog off any kind of rice and that this cleared up her dog's problem. She said that white-haired dogs often are sensitive to certain foods, rice being one of them. Having nothing to lose, we tried it - and it worked! Until rice is out of the dog's diet for two or three weeks, you won't notice much change.

Answer :

Thanks for the information. I hope readers will take it to heart, because the most frequently raised health issue by my readers is dogs who are scratching, itching, licking and chewing themselves to pieces.
Veterinarians who simply treat these symptoms of food allergy/hypersensitivity (often compounded by other problems) with a prescription of cortisone/prednisone should go back to school, or at least read the veterinary literature. Not all dogs (or cats) are allergic to rice or other processed pet food ingredients. Nor are all itchy skin problems in dogs caused by an allergic reaction to certain foods. Good diagnostic detective work is necessary.
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