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Richell Free Standing Wood Pet Gate (Large)

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I've had my eye on this gate for quite a while for my entry way so that the T's aren't at my feet as I open the door to my condo when guests arrive. Of course it would be less expensive to train them to a stay or down position but I haven't quite mastered that. :smilie_tischkante:

Amazon seems to be the least costly at around $117 for the large (longer) model but today I found it at a local Marshall's Dept. Store for $79.00. :aktion033:
Just thought I would pass it along for anyone who might be interested. The downside with Marshall's and TJ Max is that their inventory varies from store to store, but you might get lucky.

I used my stroller the other day when I went shopping too. Here is a picture of Tuffy quite comfortable and in command in her new ride:

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That's a really nice gate! and I like that you don't have to stick it in between something to stand up.
I have that gate, Deb! I've had it for years and it's wonderful as well as decent looking. I've adjusted to many sizes for different areas. Presently I use it to block my kitchen as Cosy thinks it's a good place to pee. Why? I have no idea. She goes on the pee pads otherwise. Anyway, it's a great gate and easily moved or removed for access.
I have this gate and it works great. Even my lab didn't knock it over
when he jumped on it... very sturdy. I also have their pressure mounted
gate in my hall to keep the boys downstairs... love that too.
That's a nice gate. Wish they had made something like this 13 years ago. At the time I had trouble finding something wide enough to close off the area where I wanted to put it.
I have 3 of those gates, they are the best and look nice also. I think I got mine on Amazon
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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