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Rocky in a bow!!!

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Well it was NOT easy...and it only lasted for a minute...his hair on top is still growing back after his last here is an attempt at a top knot, LOL.:wub: of Rocky waking up from his nap...sort of a bad hair day, LOL


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Your Rocky is so cute!! I love his messy hair, it looks like he had a very GOOD nap haha
Very cute!! Rocky looks good with or without a bow!
those r too cute , rocky is a hunk with bow n without ,, the other day i attempted a topknot on dolce as his hair is always in his eyes , it was a green lil band n he didnt stay still poor thing hated it n was rubbing his head on the couch on the floor trying to get it off .. lol he looked cute.. my daughters say i should not put a bow on him cause he is a boyn i tell them what r u talking about ur baby brother has a pony tail with hair mid back ... double standards i tell u .. lol sorry to ambush ur thread... i think rocky looks adorable!
Oh Dianne,
Rocky looks so sweet with the bow but there is nothing cuter then that "bed head :wub:".

Darlene and MiLey
He is darling! Bows have a very short life around here, too. It's like Rocco believes all the things my sons say about him when I put a bow in!
Rocky looks so cute in his bow! Though I love the picture of him waking from a nap.
:wub:Rocky has two sided to him, the handsome littleman:wub: and well may I say a very loved stuffed animal:wub::HistericalSmiley: I love the last picture
too cute. love the bed head, he must have slept well.
He looks cute with the bows! I love the bed head also :)
love the pics!!! he's so cute!:wub::wub:
He is soooo cute in his bow! But I have to say he is A-DOR-A-BLE just waking up with bed head!!! :wub:
Rocky you look handsome in a bow:wub::wub: I know what you mean, it isn't easy for it to be on for long.

That picture of him waking up from a sleep cracked me up :HistericalSmiley:..I gotta tell ya though, despite the spiky hair, he STILL is SUPER ADORABLE

Very cute! When I was teaching Fergie to wear bows, we started with just the rubber bands. They're harder to get out than an entire bow. Eventually he gave up and accepted his life with a pony!
The second picture is hilarious. I have given up on bows a long time ago. Maybe if it would be a girl I would have persisted.
:smrofl::smrofl: The bedhead is so cute. :wub::wub:I just love that disheveled look, but wow does he clean up good in those bows. He is extremely handsome either way.
Rocky looks adorable in his bow, i especially love his wild hair look.
Rocky is one handsome dude!!! Even when he's channeling Einstein!!! :wub:

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