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my first root canal was so quick and painless that i went back to work later that afternoon. my second one, well, that was the one i call the "impromptu facial reconstruction appointment"... i went in for some pain, and the dentist said "what i'd like to do, is perform a root canal on this about right now?" EEEEK!!! it was on the lower jaw, which i'd always heard was much worse than the upper, and in my case, that was very true. i was out of work for 3 days, doped up on whatever i could get the dentist to prescribe LOL, and i am NOT a "medicator", i usually refuse any types of medication. i think it was just misery, not actual pain LOL.
anyway, the actual process was pretty easy. i was knocked out, and didnt feel a thing. my dentist had tv's on the ceiling and you got headsets with a remote control, too, so i thought "certainly i can find something to occupy myself with!" but it was late morning, so i had little choices other than springer, rikki, or montel. bleecchhhh. so i turned on c-span and fell asleep LOL

you'll be fine. just be sure to have someone drive you there and home. i didnt, and realllllly would have benefitted even from a cab ride home, even though it was like 20 miles thru atlanta traffic LOL.

how about we all have a margarita in your honor? that should make you feel better. you'll like it, i make great ones!!!!!

ann marie and the "whoooohooooo! out comes the blender!" buttercup
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