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Sandi-- w/Kitzel (Kitzi) & Lisel (Lisi)
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I have always heard good things about RC!

I had my 2 on Solid Gold Mighty Mini Toy & Small Breed Lamb, sweet potato & Carrot Recipe (very small bite kibble) but due to the higher fat & protein I changed them over about 5 months ago to Solid Gold Blendz Complete Health grain fee w/oatmeal, pearled barley & ocean fish meal. They only get 1/8 c. kibble a day but it has to be tiny due to Lisi's mouth size & small teeth. The complete Health version is a bit larger in size but flat (not rounded) so Lisi manages it ok. It took a bit of getting used to but it works. It is probably less flavorful than the Mighty Mini but since they are hungry they eat it. That is their morning meal w/a bit of scrambled egg white. In the evening they get wet food of a variety & sometimes home cooked. They love lettuce & fresh, raw veggies so I try to include that often. Lisi loves blueberries so I quarter them for her so she does not swallow them whole! Apple is the only fruit Kitzi likes.
For Lisi I cut every thing up in smaller bites.
Good luck w/your babies!
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