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Rylee's Vet Visit,

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Rylee was seven years old in May. I took her in for a checkup today. The vet said she was in very good health. Knees are fine (I did not think they would be a problem) better to know a head of time if there was an issue.

Blood panels were done and everything was perfect. The only thing close to being a problem is that she has a tiny amount of elevated cholesterol and I was told that there was nothing to be concerned about.

Rylee is also very close to being 7 pounds and I would like to see her back done in the 6 pound area.

I also would like to thank Suzan and jmm for suggesting that after a certain age blood work needs to be done. Since she has no problems I probably would not have even taken her in!

Rylee and I are very happy campers knowing everything is OK. :chili::chili::chili:
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Yea Rylee :chili::chili::aktion033::aktion033: and of course Deborah for taking such good care of her sweetie.:wub:
I'm so glad to hear about Rylee's good blood results, Deborah!

Good to know everything is allright! :thumbsup:

Alexandra :wub:
thats great !!
I'm so glad everything went well at the vets for Rylee
We love hearing about clean bills of health!
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