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Sad News...Lexi's best friend is moving

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I found out last night that Lexi's best friend is moving next month. She will still be in town but her owners are buying a townhouse.
Lexi is going to be heart broken when she realizes Ellie isn't there. During the summer they played together every day (sometimes a couple times a day). During the winter they've been playing every couple of days. To go outside we have to walk by their door and Lexi has to stop and sniff it. If she hears Ellie inside she will sit infront of the door waiting for Ellie to come out.

We are going to try and set up playdates every 2 weeks or so, but it is just not going to be the same. I feel so bad for Lexi.
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Hey Lexi'smom! I got an idea! Why dont you and Lexi move in MY neighborhood! LOL, We're not going anywhere for a long long time
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