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Sassy visit

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Sassy started limping on her left front foot/leg late Wednesday evening. Thursday morning she was still limping around so I kept her quiet until after lunch, then I carried her to the vet. The little brat did not limp, not one step, for the vet. He examined her good and could not find anything wrong with her. Gave her an Rx to help with inflammation. As soon as we got back home and I put her down......guess what happened. Yep, she is limping around again.

Today she is laying around resting. :wub:
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Oh, Pat! I'm sorry Sassy was limping. I wonder what could be the matter. Doesn't that always happen, by the way? They always feel perfect the minute you show up at the vet or order a $400 xray. I'm glad your beautiful Sassy is resting. I hope she feels better soon...
I hope little Miss Sassy is feeling better soon. That always happens...going to the vet...and they act fine! Hopefully the meds will help.
feel better soon beautiful Sassy <3

i hope beautiful sassy feels better soon, pat. give that little girl hugs and kisses from remy & i
oh how frustrating!!! Hope it's nothing too serious and she'll be back to her normal self asap!
I hope Sassy will be feeling better soon...maybe she's just looking for more attention:biggrin:
Pat, the same thing happens with Archie when I take him to the vet for limping. He says it's their adrenaline kicking in from being somewhere they'd rather not be.
Ex-dh just took his new baby to the vet 2 days after he got him cuz he was limping. Took x-rays and it was determined to be a soft tissue injury (trying to climb over the puppy gate while ex-dh was at work), not a break though, thankfully. Still, he needed to recuperate from it & limped for 3 days afterwards. Hope with Sassy it's a very minor thing. :)
Thanks ladies.........I gave Sassy her meds just before lunch. She ate and now she has crashed beside me. I wish I knew whether or not she is in any pain. I am thinking she has overextended a muscle.

I gave her hugs from everyone. She is such a sweetie.
Poor Sassy.:huh: Poor Pat. :huh::huh: Sounds like when Tyler sprung off the couch when my DH was here alone with him. It's was either a muscle strain or ligament issue that made him limp but after a few days, he's was good as new. No problem at all and not a trace of a limp or hinderance ever since (thankfully).
So sounds like Sassy was living up to her name at the vet, huh?:blink:
Pat, I'm thinking of you and Sassy. Please give her some cuddles and kisses from me.
Oh sweet Sassy. I hope your leg feels better really soon. As much as I'd like to tell you to play it up to your mommy so you can get extra treats, cuddles, and carried EVERYWHERE....let's not worry your mommy. Let her know when you're feeling better sweet pea.
i hope sassy feels better n stops limping..
Happy to hear Sassy went to the vet. Hope she feels better soon :wub:
Pat that's exactly what B&B does, we have been to the vet twice and each time she walks perfect, we get home she limps:w00t: I do hope it's nothing serious with precious Sassy
Thanks again everyone for your special thoughts for Sassy. :wub: She has rested today and seems to be doing a little better. It certainly has not affected her appetite. :HistericalSmiley:

Crystal, it sounds like you know her well. :HistericalSmiley: The day it first started I had her in her stroller sitting in the kitchen watching me make dinner. I am trained very well. :innocent:

I have given her lots of hugs from everyone. :wub:
Glad she seems to not have any major pain or discomfort. I do think for some 'discomforts that when thry get to the vet they get a bit of an adrenelin 'rush' ( even if they don't really mind the vets) and that sort of eases the discomfort for the moment. At home the 'rush' is off and discomfort is back.
I pray with the meds and rest that little Sassy will be totally back to her 'sassy' little self!
Pat - sending prayers your way for Miss Sassy.

(It's like the car when you go to the mechanic. It's been making that noise for weeks, but once you get the car to the shop, it isn't making it anymore.)
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