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I love the harness coat on her--so cute and pink is her color. I love that she's so comfortable with Al now!

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Michelle I can see how little Sassy is, that was a xsmall and fits her great.
Sassy is going to keep growing in your hearts, she's just so very grateful to you both:wub:
did the harnesses and dresses fit Bitsy and Sasha
The xs is a little tight but I can sew in something to extend the straps..they were barely gripping .. The other harnesses fit a small would fit her.. She's thick around the middle and neck..,Rylee is actually smaller weight wise than Sassy. Rylee was 4.5 pounds, Sassy is 6.6 but short and stout bodied. It's so hard to guess by pictures on such short notice..

I tried the small ones on Sassy and they fit..

Must be how they're made,some mediums fit Amber, some don't..
Same with Emily Bitsy and Sasha, some smalls will fit,others are too tight.

Is there a store you got them at that I can exchange for the next size up for Sassy? If not I can sew something extra in,it's not off by much ,maybe a couple inches, just to get a secure overlap on the velcro.

Mags.. I can use Amber's for the Malts since it's just little bigger than the small Puppias.. Amber's is quite a bit small for her,it's similar in size to the small puppias, so they must run small.. The medium is too small for's a different brand than Puppia,that might be why.. Amber has a couple mediums in other brands and a large in another.. Weird how they measure differently in marked sizes.. Is there a place I can exchange for a larger size?

Amber is bigger than she looks, she's actually gained a few pounds since her last weigh in in August.. she always packs on about 4-5 pounds in winter too..

We love them and they look so cute,,when I give them a bath,we'll do a "fashion show", just haven't been able to give them a bath since any lifting makes my breast bleed out more..
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