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Saying hello again!

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Hello to all of our friends at Spoiled Maltese!

You may remember us as "tigerpawswhit" but I've decided to reregister since I've adopted a new little furbaby....Carter! I was EXTREMELY worried about bringing another dog into the home, but so far so good. Stella and Carter are doing wonderfully! If you would like to see Carter before he was adopted and read his background you can visit his petfinder page: Adoptable Maltese: Carter-Pending: Petfinder

Whitney, Stella, & introducing Carter!


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OMG is that Carter in the right hand upper photo? He's adorable. :wub::wub: He's unrecognizable from those photos on Petfinder thank goodness. That poor baby...walking along a busy street. And he was so tiny. What does he weigh now -- was he a wee one or just malnourished?
Thank you so much for giving this sweetheart a forever home. :grouphug::grouphug:
yep that's him! I'm not exactly sure how much he weighs now, but I would say it's about 7-8lbs. Luckily he found his way to a lady who runs a shelter out of her home and was able to keep him until I found him. My guess is that he was malnourished. It's hard for me to even believe that he's the same dog as well!
It's hard to believe that poor little guy roamed the streets and no one did
anything :angry: He took himself to a shelter, how amazing is that :aktion033:
Bless you for taking him in and giving him such a loving family.

You are an angel. He looks so good now. :chili: Glad you were willing to take on Carter.
Wow what a recovery. Very handsome and fortunate boy you have there.
Thanks ladies for all your wonderful and sweet comments! His picture on petfinder reminded me so much of my little Jaxon who's now at Rainbow Bridge so I just had to submit an application. My husband is leaving this summer for his second tour of duty in Afghanistan so we decided it would be a good thing for all of us to give Carter a forever home. I would have never guessed that it would have been so easy to transition to a 2 baby home! Stella & Carter are both snuggled up in bed with me right now and we're loving our life.
Good to see you and your cute babies on here again :)
You did an amazing thing for Carter!! He looks so happy in your home!! Congrats on your new baby!!!!
hi and welcome :D adorable fluffs .. thank you for adopting

Awww that is really so nice of you to take him in. He's one little lucky boy to have found someone like you.

Oh, and he's adorable! Both are!
they r both gorgeous , carter doesnt look like his old self thank god , i am so happy u were able to give him a home.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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