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Scary Dog

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We went to the dog park today and there was this big bulldog that Tyler was scared of. He was whining on my moms lap the whole time!
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Originally posted by Sisses Momma@Feb 28 2005, 03:54 PM
My God you must of been terrified!!  I tell you, these little fur balls REALLY have a bad case of "I'm the biggest dog in the world".  They are pretty fearless little things.  I would of had a heart attack over that!!

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I have to say that I think Peanut may have been a rott in a past life...I swear he would try to take down a rott if we ever came across one
!! People with big dogs always laugh when Peanut trys to 'protect' me from the big dogs walking. It's cute that Peanut 'thinks' he can do it, but totally scary that given the situation he would really try.
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Oh man that sucks!!! That poor dog!
It's so hard to see that more training could have ended the problem. I have read many times that sheltered, abandond, and euthanized dogs are mostly 'problem' dogs who could have been saved with some time and effort. I'm glad Peanut has never nipped anyone...
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