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Scary Dog

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We went to the dog park today and there was this big bulldog that Tyler was scared of. He was whining on my moms lap the whole time!
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Originally posted by Kallie/Catcher's Mom@Feb 28 2005, 04:59 PM
OMG.... that is one reason I don't watch that channel very often... it is too emotionally wrenching! Oh, I do believe they should have at least tried to have a trainer work with the dog...  yep, Kallie, also, definitely would bark and lunge at anyone who walked by us.. but she would never bite... she has never even snapped at Catcher.... who deserves to be snapped at occasionally. 

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I don't THINK Brinkley would actually nip anyone like that...but I wouldn't swear on it! He sounds REALLY awful sometimes. The only time he has actually nipped at someone besides my own children was when I took him to a little league game and this little girl kept WANTING to pet him...she would get close and then pull away...well, after awhile, he got annoyed~or thought she was teasing/playing and he snarled and tried to nip! Scared me to death...even though she deserved it!
I tried to tell her NOT to do that, to let him sniff her and then just PET him...not tease him...sheesh!

Anyway, I think Brink would act like that other dog just to try and GET to the people and check them out...not necessarily to be mean
...I hope!
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Yeah, the owners didn't even watch their dog! They should take their dog out if it's attacking another dog! But Tyler's okay now.
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Originally posted by Cappy@Feb 27 2005, 11:52 PM
Thanks! I really care for Tyler, and he's a really smart dog! When I put him on the ground, that dog chased him into a corner!
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Awww, poor Tyler. I agree you sound very responsible for 11!
I think Tyler is one lucky puppy! :D
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Dont some dog parks have sections for differnt size dogs? maybe you should look for a place like that, at least tyler seems to relize he is little sunny will run right up to my neighbohrs mastiffs barking are ready to play with no idea they could proubly step on him and kill him (they are really HUGE)

Originally posted by Cappy@Feb 28 2005, 12:23 AM
Ah, 11 years. Yeah, I'm pretty young to be on online forums, but Tyler is mostly my responsibility, so I always need help and advice.

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I am officially not the youngest person on here anymore lol, i was for a while but now there are 2 people i know of
ok that was kinda pointless just had to mention it (i am 16)
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Oh, Tyler was in a little dog park! 30 lbs. and under. But to him that dog was big.
Originally posted by Cappy@Feb 28 2005, 08:33 PM
Oh, Tyler was in a little dog park! 30 lbs. and under. But to him that dog was big.
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Yeah i guess under 30lbs is considered small...they need a 'toy section' lol
:lol: Before that day we went to the dog park for the first time, there were lots of doggies, and they were friendly to him. He was happy
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