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Scheduled teeth extraction for the 1st of June

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I'm so worried about this her going under again, but I know things will be okay, I really like my vet. How many of you have put your pup under for more than just the spaying/neutering appt? How did the second time go? Was the puppy okay afterward?

Please help assuage my concerns :mellow:
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I know you're worried, but most of our fluffs have been anesthetized for dentals at one point or another. Both of mine currently have teeth that are in good shape and haven't needed a dental yet, but my Samantha started having annual dentals at about 4 and this continued until she was around 14, when the vet suggested we not do those any more because of her heart.

Typically, a vet will do blood work a few days prior to going under just to make sure everything is OK. If your dent hasn't suggested it, you should ask about it.

Your baby will do fine - she will be in very good hands!
Sure, LBB was neutered, later had his eyes removed, a year after that he had luxating patella surgery, soon after a dental.

Mine have all had dentals, including my seniors.

All made it through with flying colors.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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