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Alright well at my school its time to sign up for classes for next year (i am gonna be a HS seinor ahh!) so along with all the sing up info they gave us our transcripts today so we could see what we need to take. Well this was my first year at the school i am currently at with is a public school, my first 2 years of hs were spent at a private catholic school so my transcripts are really weird, filled with 'social study transfers' in place of all the required religons. But that isnt what my proulbme is i knew that woudl happen its my science transfers that i think they messed up. In 9th grade i took a class called "honors advanced physical science" which i got a C in becuase well it was a really hard class, but today when i got my transcripts they changed the class to be "honors integrated science" becuase they are both physical science classes offered to 9th graders. I seriously do not think that those to classes are comprable and i am planning on calling up my old school to talk to them about maybe sendnig me something to explain to my current school that they cannot just call the class integrated. But before i make a fool of myself calling the schools i wanted to get the opinion of more people if maybe these classes are interchangable (anyways here are the course descriptions:

Integrated Scicne Honors:

"Description:The purpose of this course is to provide opportunities to investigate the theoriesand ideas associated with the earth and physical sciences in a way that is relevant and usable. Students construct sicne knowledge by formulation questions, making predictions, planning experiments, making observations, classifying, interpretion and analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and communicating. The course will also include investigations of selected topics in the content, which include the use of the scientific method, measurment, laboratory apparatus, and safety procedures"

Advanced Physical Science Honors:

"Description: This course provides the student with a quantitative, investigative study of introductory concepts of physics and chemistry. Topics include Newton's Laws, light, sound, wave theory, work, force, simple machines, atomic structure, descriptive chemistry, equation balancing, formula interpretation, chemical nomenclature, the periodic table, and basic organic chemistry. Emphasis is placed on developing sound laboratory skills, applying mathematics to science, and developing problem solving skills"

one way or another i do have to contact my old school though becuase there is a "lauguage arts transfer" on my transcript that i have no clue what it is, i never took any extra english classes
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