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Scooby & Koko, latest picture

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Yesterday I took a picture of the boys, first time I have had the inclination to get the camera out. They went to the groomer on Friday and they look so darn cute I just had to share them with you all.
They are my sweet little angels, keeping my spirits up with all their snuggles and love.


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I am glad you have them and they help you get over your loss.:grouphug::grouphug:
Janet the boys are just beautiful!!!:wub::wub: I'm glad that they're there to keep your spirits up. :hugging:
:wub:there's those precious little guys:wub: it's been awhile since we have seen them. I know they are bringing you great joy Janet, I love you my friend, my prayers are still going up to God for you
Ahh Janet they look sooooo sweet!! ...and how nice they sat and posed for you!!!
I know having them is a great source of comfort to you and I'm so glad for that!
Thanks, Janet. I always like seeing the boys, especially when they're all duded up and looking adorable. I'm glad you have those two, I can imagine the love they're giving you each day - you need that.
Scooby and Koko ARE so darn cute! Looks like they're saying "ooohhh" anf I'll finish it off with "la la." Very cute pups :)
The boys are looking adorable. Thanks for sharing the picture of your babies.
Holy Cow!!! Janet, they are flippin' adorable! :wub:
We so love you, and the boys. :grouphug:

Deb and Gang
Your boys are angels and they look the part too. :wub: I was glad to see your pictures and we need to see more of those two.
Janet - so glad you decided to pick up the camera. They look adorable and what a great pose for both of them. :wub::wub: I think of you often and am so glad you have Scooby and Koko to lift your spirits. How are they doing?
Know that we're all here for you and hoping you can enjoy the little things in life again. I'm sure Gary's smiling down on the three of you and sending his love and encouragement. :grouphug:
Awwh there you are, Scooby & Koko <3 my! They can pose the adorable pose awwwh and they do it nicely together ^_^ I am so happy that you snapped the pic it. Thank you so much for also sharing.

Oh if they are not precious, I just don't know what precious is. What beautiful and sweet boys. Love them!!!!
Hi Scooby, Hi Koko. Please give Mommy lots of hugs and kisses.
Scooby and Koko look adorable. My gang sends paw hugs and wet kisses to all three of you.
Ahhhh, there they are, so adorable!!! I love to see little white malts against the green grass!! That looks so good!! Thank you for posting and I am so glad you have them for company!!! Sending love to you!!!:wub:
Thanks everyone, they sure do give me a reason to get up in the mornings, lots of sweet hugs and kisses for their mummy, I am sure if I didn't have them I would be twice as miserable, but I am slowly lifting my spirits with their help. Some days I am fine and some I still cry, but I know Gary would want me to be happy for him knowing he is with our Lord and watching over me sending his love to fill my heart. :smootch:
Ohhh, Janet, what a lovely portrait!!!! Perfection!! Your boys are so adorable!!
What a great picture! Your boys are beautiful and I love the expression
on their faces!! Thanks for deciding to pick up the camera and share with us!!
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