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Hahahahaha! :HistericalSmiley: Jes kiddin! Mommy put me in mah eester baskkut fer dese picchurs!

Da Eester bunny brot me dis baskut loded with dese plastic bunnys dat hav tweets in dem!

He also brot me a flameengo, and a new ducky toy, an a red doggie long like a cattipillur, an a nu watur bottle fer our outings. Now if ah kin jus figger out howta git da goodies outa da plastuk bunnys...


Look whut all dis stuff is layin on! :w00t:

Ahm gonna hav a reel problum haulin DAT ducky around da howse! :wub:

Happy Eestur, everbody! :wub:
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