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Hi everyone, it's been a really long time since I have been on this forum but hoping someone can give me advice or direction.
My Bella will be 14 years old in October.
Over the past several months she has been exhibiting signs of dementia in particular peeing constantly in the house even after she has been outside 2 minutes earlier.
This past weekend (I was home the whole time) she peed on my bed at some point in the night / early morning both days and approximately 10 pees in the house each day. This peeing in the house multiple times has been going on since spring but has been getting gradually worse. Some days is 2 or 4 and other days its 10 spots. Some days she is also pooping in the house. She doesn’t go to the back door to be let out anymore and when I call her to come she rarely ever does. I have to physically pick her up and bring her out. And again, even if I bring her out she doesn’t do anything but will in the house about 2 minutes later. Sometimes when outside she will just sit and when I call her to come in she just stares at me. I would need to go pick her up and bring her in.
She hasn’t been eating as much as normal and has lost over a pound the past 6 months or so.
She has been slowly loosing her hearing and eye sight and is often under peoples feet without realizing and gets startled when she realizes someone is near her. She’s almost been stepped on a few times and spends a lot of time lying under the coffee table.
She barks at nothing / something but I don’t know what it is.
She is an anxious dog to begin with but when we take her to camp she paces back and forth the whole time unless she is sitting by me.
She is getting a bit aggressive with people who get too close to her. It’s not a huge issue as she has no teeth, but my grandson is 2 and sometimes she scares him by trying to nip at him.
We had tried her on medication for her urinating (few months ago) but it did not help.
Some days she has burst of energy and seems her old self comes out but most days she sleeps all day.
She has had a knee issue in the past and often (now that the weather is getting harder on her) her hind legs shake.
I anticipate some of this is her getting old and I am not sure what route to take with her.
She doesn’t like doggy diapers and she hasn’t ever been in a crate / kennel so I don’t want to lock her in a crate / kennel now as I anticipate she will just end up hurting herself.
Anyway, looking for some direction and options on if anything can be done to help her along or what exactly I am really looking at with her.
I've been taking her to the vet and they say she is doing well. I am trying to get back to the vet but can't get an appointment until November.
Has anyone gone thru this? Have any advice?

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I am so sorry to hear this---poor baby! I would first put her through a thorough physical w/a CBC & Chem Panel. Do you have a tile floor you can restrict her too? What does she eat & what is her appetite like? Doggy dementia is a real thing---& extremely sad but I would be sure there are no physical issues. Let us know.
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I'm so sorry you're going through this. Sandi has a couple of good suggestions - start with a complete physical and blood work to rule out anything physical. Sometimes the behavior you've described is because they're afraid or anxious and she only feels safe by you. You said she's never been crated but perhaps now an enclosure would help her feel safe? Especially if one of your worn shirts is in it with her and you're right by her side? There are also natural anxiety supplements for dogs - Animal Essentials makes one called Tranquility Blend which is effective and safe. Keep us posted!
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