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Hello everyone! I have a 4yo Maltese named Lucy who I absolutely adore. I wanted some advice as far as her health from those who might have similar situations.

Lucy is a very sensitive dog... to literally everything. She is severely allergic to vaccinations and has gastrointestinal issues that we are currently trying to figure out.

She has been to the VetER multiple times due to diarrhea and vomiting and was put on a low-fat gastrointestinal diet this past Jan. I am wondering if she possibly has IBS/IBD. She is also an extremely picky eater and if she doesn’t eat for an extended amount of time will vomit. We just got her blood work done and it came back normal and she is getting ready to receive an ultra-sound in a few hours.

We are listening to her Drs and doing the best we can but I thought it might be helpful to get advice from anyone who has a similar fur-baby. I feel awful and just want to get to the bottom of what has been causing her so much trouble.
So sorry she is going through this. I‘m glad you are getting a ultra sound done. I will say my prayers for Luc.
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