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SENTINEL flea med question

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I am going to be using Sentinel tabs starting in June. The Brown tabs are for dogs 2-10 pounds and the green are for dogs 11-20 pounds. Vanilla is a little over a year old and last year she was 7 pounds and had the brown tabs. Well now she is 12 pounds exactly(Big girl, vet says should be 10-11 pounds for her frame) I noticed the green tabs are more than double the amount of medication. Do you think it is safer to stick to the brown tabs 2-10 pounds?
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I use Confortis for Spookie. We have fleas here, year round. I bought the 2-10 pound size, and cut them in half. One month I gave her a whole one, and her heartworm at the same time, and she acted a little off for a day or so. I think it was too much meds at once, and went back to 1/2 Confortis and she was ok. I think I'd go with 1/2 the first month, and if you still see fleas, increase to a whole one next month.
Sentinel is only flea birth control. It does not kill or prevent fleas. So long as you do not have a flea issue, it is fine.
The heartworm prevention is the more important piece which you should dose properly according to your dog's weight (so the 11-25 lb size).
I use Comfortis for fleas and Interceptor for heartworm.
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