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Oh sweetie - such a heavy heart especially as a New Yorker.:crying: I lost my friend Vita Marino that day in one of the top floors of the South Tower. She was a fellow school parent, the mother of two little girls and called them that morning to say she was walking down the stairs and would be home soon. Her daughters worried because she was wearing her red high heels. She never made it. :crying 2: It's beyond sad and every time I think of her I cry. I am going to try to see the tribute in lights tonight.
I woke up this morning and went into the shower which has a window and looked out and all I could think was that it was a 9/11 sky.Totally blue, not a cloud just like it was when I looked out the window that horrendous morning before I knew what happened. Later, that sky would fill with acrid clouds of ash and the faces of people in the street were haunting and expressionless. I still remember the wail of sirens all day, watching it all unfold on tv and running to get my son from school so he could be with us, not knowing what would, or could, happen next.
I'm listening to the names read right now and pray for those who are gone and all their friends and family who are a living testament to their lives. As I listen to the names I realize again that people of every nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation,etc were represented in those buildings -- working and living side by side. That's the true fabric of New York and New Yorkers. I pray that somehow we will find peace again in this world and love and live together.:heart:
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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