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The night before last I fell asleep at about 8 and I woke up at 12 in the morning. I watched a little TV with Prissy laying by my side. I just finished giving her nightly massage and I realized it was 2 in the morning and I hadnt fed Prissy. Its not like it was an Emergency she could live on her fat alone for days
. I got up and poured the food and she woke up so I knew she was hungry. I felt bad that she had to get out of bed at 2 to eat because of me.

I bring her the bowl and let her eat then bring her the water bowl. After she cleaned her plate I crawled back in bed and she gave me a big wet beard kiss and burped in my face. As I layed there watching TV I was amazed at what I do for her. WHAT A LIFE!!!!
Now if that doesnt say Spoiled Maltese I dont know what does.
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