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She won't let me trim her nails....

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I had to take my Lily to the vet for a nail trim. She won't let me do it. I tried doing it while bathing her, tried treats, I even tried wrapping her in a towel, my husband could not hold on to her, either. She struggles so much I'm afraid I might snap one of her tiny little bones. I kid you not, it took four people to "hold down" this little 4 pound Maltese. They charged me $14.40 for this. I can do her sister's nails with no problem. I don't get it-any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I don't even try doing nails, B&B freaks out when I brush her legs and feet:w00t: Matilda would probably let me cut her nails but it's worth the $5.00 to have someone else do it.
I can't do Bailey's nails either. I always have to take her to the vet to do them. Sophie on the other hand will let me do anything to her :)
Now I know I'm not the only one. I can do anything to my Rose, too. She is so laid back. What's weird is that Lily enjoys her baths and loves to be brushed and combed-go figure(?)
I have always been able to cut Pup's nails. Ollie is a different story won't let me near them. Funny how they can be so different.
I used to cut my yorkies nails when they were young until I once cut too close and it bled :huh: so since then they wouldn't let me . .even my Annika who is so very laid back. Of course when they are at the groomer, they just stand there making it super easy for the groomer ugh:angry: Now SeRi is too hyper to ever stay still for trimming so I don't even attempt to do it . . .
I just let my groomer do it. I've cut one to many a quick and it's just not worth it to me LOL Vi's super sensitive anyway. But she DID let me trim the hair between her paws today!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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