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She's come such a long way....

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Last night we had a LOT of fireworks going off, many very close by and very loud. These used to really freak Naddie out and I do mean freak! She'd run to and fro, panting, whining etc. Nothing would 'settle her till they were over.
There were a few the night before and she did act a bit concerned at first with those, but not terrible. Last night they were closer and louder but she was even better!
I got some video of her reaction last night but couldn't post so have to settle for a couple of still shots.

This is her in her bed when things were 'quiet'

This is her reaction when there was a BANG! .... Just a raising of her head, ( though at times she'd turn her head to look toward me..but that's it. She'd put her head back down. I didn't even see any trembling! woo-hoo! ...You've come a long way baby-girl!
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Way to go Naddie!!! :aktion033::aktion033: Ummm... could
you stop over and give Teddy some pointers?
Way to go Naddie!!:chili::chili::chili: What a relief for you Terry. It's awful to see our babies upset like that and not be able to reassure & calm them. I'm so happy for both of you.:wub:
Awwwww, so cute. Here our fireworks were not that great and not very loud. At our community park where they were held there were a lot of people there with Maltese. I was very suprised and thought it would be awful for them. Maybe because of the economy, there wasn't any loud big ones and Rocky would have been fine I think. Left him home in his crate with music on. Naddie you are too cute!!
AAAwwww, bless her lil heart!!!!! ((((((Naddie))))))) you did great, girl!!!!! oxoxox
:aktion033:Naddie:aktion033: we had lots of fireworks in our neighborhood last night:blink: fire trucks going up and down our street:unsure: the girls weren't bothered by them, but Divit was so excited and stressed so I know how Miss Naddie use to be.
I'm so glad Naddie just relaxed
Way to go sweet Naddie! You know your mommy will keep all the big bad baddies away!
Good job Naddie!! We had lot's of fireworks last night but my guy's did not seem concerned.
That wonderful!
We had a lot of fire works close to us but the girls didn't seem to mind at all. I'm so thankful they aren't afraid of the loud noises or storms.
Happy to hear and see Naddie's doing so much better. We left Tyler at home when we went to the mountain to see the fireworks. I was stunned to see people bring dogs to the fireworks. There were tons of people and all that noise and light. Why not leave them at home? I think it was selfish. It's one thing if the fireworks are in your neighborhood and you really can't get away from them; quite another to drive to a place and bring your pet. Kind of the same thing with babies too (although you can't leave them home alone) but why scare them? I don't get it. JMO
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