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Shinemore Maltese

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I've still got a good while before I get a Maltese but it's slowly getting closer. There are several US Maltese breeders that I would be interested in talking to about buying a Maltese, but I have noticed Shinemore Maltese from Korea and they have some really beautiful dogs. I was just curious if anyone has bought a dog from Shinemore...from the United States or another country, and what your experience with Shinemore was like. Did you have any problems with communication? It seems like it would be harder to make sure a breeder meets your qualifications if they are out of the country. I've heard a few good things about Shinemore but really don't know much about them...I guess I'm trying to figure out if they would be someone I'd want to look into buying from or not. I know it would be so much easier to buy from someone in the US and I will probably end up doing that...but I'm open to buying from breeders out of the country if I know they are what I want in a breeder. Thanks
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Bisou is from Sunnydales and I had a good experience with buying from her. I did fly there to pick her up but it was about an hour (or so) flight for me too. Shinyoung, the breeder does have very limited English, but personally that was not a problem nor an issue for me. (I'm used to that- that's already my life in China) I was very patient about communicating and we could understand each other- no problems at all with that.

All the photos she showed me of Bisou- well that is what Bisou looked like when I picked her up. Her husband is a Vet and he performed her spay beforehand (Shinyoung gave me the choice of either with her Vet/husband or with my Vet -as I was intending on spaying her).

She's completely healthy. She's fully vaccinated as that is required for immigration reasons (but I would have had her vaccinated anyway) and up to date on all her shots. I was given all her records and health certifications (as I needed them to enter China)....but really everything went very smoothly. She does use a pet relocation agent, who spoke perfect English and sends her puppies to Europe and the States. Her agent and I communicated for awhile as I thought about having her shipped but then decided to just go get her myself.

I did ask a million questions ....Sometimes she was busy and got back to me a few days later, but she always responded and answered all my questions. If I still lived in CA, as I did before SH, then I would have probably still flown to Korea. I don't think 9 hours is so long for a flight (it's long but there are longer) ...and you can take the puppy to the bathroom with a pad. Also you can usually take the puppy out of the carrier and hold her/him on your lap...depending on the stewardess.
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Would any of you have a problem getting a older puppy from Shinemore? She's 7 months old. I take it they don't understand English LOL![/B]
I actually like the idea of getting an older puppy since you have a better idea of how they will turn out

I agree.
I got mine at 7 months old and personally I think that was a great age (for me). She was already crate trained, pad trained. No crying at night or chewing up things either. It was a breeze. Plus I could see more so -how she was going to be at an adult age- in terms of her structure. She bonded with me immediately- there was never a problem with that.
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