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About shipping, its little less than 12 hours, from Cali. I checked the airlines but you have to cross the International Dateline, and I'm unsure how long the time difference is. When my father went to Korea(military) and he said it took about 9-10 hours, and that was almost 20 years ago, planes are faster now. You can always meet them in Cali, relax there for awhile then take a flight back home. But heck, Gigi's been on road trips 15+ hours and no problems for her! She just slept the whole time. The puppy will get over it. :)[/B]
12 hours is still a very long flight. I personally would not ship a puppy especially not that far. In Gigis' 15+ hours did she not get out, get attention, drink some water/food, etc... ??

Just because the "puppy will get over it" doesn't mean it's good for them. Why stress out a puppy that much? I would rather buy from a breeder in the US, close to me that I could communicate with and see every now and then. I guess if you are wanting a specific "look" then you might sacrifice that, but to me health, temperament and having a breeder I can visit to see my pup first are way more important than a "look". JMO.
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