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Shinemore Maltese

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I've still got a good while before I get a Maltese but it's slowly getting closer. There are several US Maltese breeders that I would be interested in talking to about buying a Maltese, but I have noticed Shinemore Maltese from Korea and they have some really beautiful dogs. I was just curious if anyone has bought a dog from Shinemore...from the United States or another country, and what your experience with Shinemore was like. Did you have any problems with communication? It seems like it would be harder to make sure a breeder meets your qualifications if they are out of the country. I've heard a few good things about Shinemore but really don't know much about them...I guess I'm trying to figure out if they would be someone I'd want to look into buying from or not. I know it would be so much easier to buy from someone in the US and I will probably end up doing that...but I'm open to buying from breeders out of the country if I know they are what I want in a breeder. Thanks
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I guess now that my secret is out I am able to respond to this truthfully about my experience.

I actually started looking for a full grown malt sometime last year . .as I know that potty training is a lot of work. I wasn't in a hurry so I was taking my sweet time. Hubby at the time haven't said yes either so there really was no hurry . . I have talked to EVA and this lady is just so very nice and responsive to all my questions. I was hihgly considering a retired malt but have found them larger than the size I was looking for.

I have both Shinemore and sunnydale websites bookmarked as I have drooled over their website when someone first told me about their very existence (thank you Melissa for sending me those sites last hear) but it was early this year that I saw a photo of Lee's (Shinemore) maltese on facebook that got me going.

But before that I have been looking at puppies from different US breeders . .I have all the highly recommended ones likewise bookmarked. I have to say there aren't many who are selling puppies and whenever I see one (which is a rare thing) they don't fall under my standards (I am all about looks only - health of course is at the very top of my list). I am guessing that breeders (those highly reputable ones) have such a long waitlist that there really is no need to publicly post when they have a litter coming up as those on the waitlist are just too eager to buy :biggrin: .

As far as dealing with a korean breeder, I think once you've connected with the right one, it really isn't so hard to transact business. Since my experience was with Sunnydales, I have to say that the only frustrating thing is the time difference. There is no language barrier as far as I am concerned. She speaks very limited english but when she responds I understood her. For those numerous questions I had, I got help from my daughter's best friend's fiance who is korean. So he translated everything for me and she in turn responded back. I haven't checked SeRi's papers at all yet . . .I just saw her passport cover and found it so adorable but to actually browse I have yet to find the time. Shinyoung does not have a contract, and when I asked her about it she said she does not mind creating one but it will be mostly in Korean so it would be pointless anyway. she says she "trades in good faith" as that is the norm I guess with reputable breeders over there but being that I don't know her I was still skeptic. So with the help of a dear friend from SM, she told me I should request for a complete bloodwork instead just to reassure me that she is in perfect health. The nice thing about dealing with Shinyoung is her husband is a licenced vet so she can get any testing done at no charge :biggrin: so she actually agreed without hesitation. My other problem is pictures. I want weekly pictures so I can monitor her growth and looks. A 3 week old baby can look sooo different by the time she gets to 15 weeks old. I know that is a lot to ask of a breeder (am not sure if that is common to US breeders to take weekly pictures and share progress reports - like weight and how she is doing) but she willingly agreed and she stood by that request as well so I was already drooling every week until the day of departure :wub: . She also agreed that I can back out anytime if I wanted to. The only thing is I lose half of the deposit, unless I get another one from her so the entire amount will just be transferred to the new puppy. so I thought it was a fair deal.

Seri is fully potty trained . . .Shinyoung told me all her babies are trained on the pad. She also seems to not mind being brushed as she must have gotten used to that since she was very young. So have no regrets at all for getting a puppy . . .she tears but they are all clear and Shinyoung told me no stains as she is all white right after a bath . . .of course she has not started teething yet so that nightmare could come later :smpullhair:

I got lucky as Amanda (that's my daughter's BFF) was traveling to Korea about the same time SeRi will be ready so she brought her back. She said that SeRi was so well behaved . . .

I highly recommend Sunnydales babies . . .and if I ever get the chance for another malt, she will have to be my first and probably ONLY choice :biggrin: . She gave me everything in a malt and more . . . :heart:[/B]

Thanks Tiger's Mom, for sharing your experience. I was wondering about what it'd be like to get the puppy from Korea having seen your beautiful SeRi, Bijou and the other puppies from Shinemore and Sunnydales. We live in Toronto so it may be too long a flight. It may be feasible to have the puppy flown into Vancouver which should be about the same flight time as to CA and then fly there to pick up the pup. It's 5 hours flight from Vancouver or 4.5 hours from San Francisco. I'm not ready for another puppy yet although I've been drooling over yours, Bijou and all the new pups here on the forum. I'd love another girl to tip the estrogen level around the household :biggrin: but may be it won't be for a few more years. One can dream for now. :p
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