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I know Chris(ckim) and moshi melo both have dogs from Narae, and shanghaimomma was considering but went with Sunnydales instead. Narae is very nice but doesn't speak english very well, but she was easier to contact, and a better price than half the popular breeders on this forum. And not to mention her dogs are GORGEOUS! LOL I'm sure you can contact her for American references because I see on her website that a couple of other Americans have her dogs.

I would love to get a dog from her, don't really know how to though. I would never ship a puppy in cargo, and I'm kind of afraid of flying over an ocean to a different country alone. SO somebody else would have to transport her for me. LOL But I know I won't be wanting another maltese for a very, very long time. My Gigi is just perfect for me.[/B]

I thought Christian's little Leah is from Bonnie? Am I mistaken?
I think you are correct. Isn't he the one who passed along the message for her regarding puppy price increases?

Moshi Melo's little girl Shiloh definitely is from Shinemore though. I have a friend with a Shinemore show pup and she is just the cutest thing!

ETA: nevermind! You're right Briana!

Oh for heaven's sake! I forgot he had little Bella. Why don't we see more pics of her, eh, Christian? Oh, wait. I forgot that
Sophia has to take all the pics. :LOL:

lol Brit you know me too well! :p

Communication with the breeder should not be a problem although I did have my cousin deal with her as my cousin lives near her. Having said that I would definitely not have the dog shipped. Too much stress for the little ones for such a long flight..
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