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Shinemore Maltese

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I've still got a good while before I get a Maltese but it's slowly getting closer. There are several US Maltese breeders that I would be interested in talking to about buying a Maltese, but I have noticed Shinemore Maltese from Korea and they have some really beautiful dogs. I was just curious if anyone has bought a dog from Shinemore...from the United States or another country, and what your experience with Shinemore was like. Did you have any problems with communication? It seems like it would be harder to make sure a breeder meets your qualifications if they are out of the country. I've heard a few good things about Shinemore but really don't know much about them...I guess I'm trying to figure out if they would be someone I'd want to look into buying from or not. I know it would be so much easier to buy from someone in the US and I will probably end up doing that...but I'm open to buying from breeders out of the country if I know they are what I want in a breeder. Thanks
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QUOTE (Remy @ Jan 3 2010, 10:34 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=869584
Shiloh (moshi melo's girl) is from shinemore and she is gorgeous. Narae is easy to communicate with and she is very patient in responding to all questions. I'm definitely getting my next malt from her[/B]
Thanks Cat. :biggrin: Shiloh says she's in LOVE with Remy!!

Narae's English isn't perfect, but she is still pretty easy to communicate with and she is very responsive; I can usually get a hold of her when I want to, and she's halfway around the world! For the more extensive questions, I made a long list of questions for my Korean friend to ask Narae. My friend translated back to me, and she answered everything to a T. Shiloh got food and water refilled on her 9 hr flight, it was shorter due to tailwinds. Shiloh is a bit on the timid side at first (this along with her size was a reason she wasn't keeping her for show), but once she's comfortable, she loves people. I think her timidness keeps her from exploring and getting into too much trouble, so I don't really mind it much. :p I couldn't be more happier with her look or her personality. Narae and I still keep in touch, she emails me asking how Shiloh is doing and I send her picture updates. I wouldn't hesitate to get my second malt from her.

As for pedigree, Shiloh's sire is a Champion for KKF (Korean Kennel Federation) and of mostly Korean and Japanese lines. Her dam has Korean, Japanese and American lines...including Marcris' Indecent Proposal which is from the beloved Risque Business! :wub: The other American lines in her are Malta Angel, Sunncrest, Chrisman, Tajon and Pashes. I too am for a broad gene pool.
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QUOTE (MyFairLacy @ Feb 2 2010, 08:19 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=880924
So by enhance, you mean lighting, adjusting how white the dog looks and taking any staining away? Just to clarify that you don't mean enhancing feature such as making eyes bigger or muzzles shorter, etc (think little girl pageant photos where they make them look like a different child LOL)?

So..if staining is covered up, has anyone on this forum bought a Shinemore puppy that had bad staining? The photos I've seen of Bijou, Shiloh, and Mrs10 (sp?)'s girl didn't appear to have any staining to me in the photos I've seen of them (sorry if I've left anyone out that has a shinemore dog). I know puppies will usually get a little staining and I'd be okay with slight staining but I would not be okay with severe staining if that makes sense.[/B]
Yes, I agree that Narae at Shinemore takes amazing photos of her dogs, as does Sunnydales and some others. I, personally do NOT think she did anything major to alter the pictures. It's more the basic photography rule of "white balance"; different light sources have a different color temperature, some warmer and some cooler. For example, a Tungsten light (regular household bulb) will give a tinge of yellow to what you are shooting. With a digital camera, it is usually preset on AWB (Auto white balance) or you can manually adjust the white balance to compensate for what kind of lighting you shoot under. You can also adjust the levels after the fact in programs like Photoshop or Lightroom to brighten pictures a little. I can tell the pictures were not adjusted too much or else the white hair of a Maltese would be "blown out" or washed out. You can see in her pictures that the detail of the hair is still there. Lighting is key and with a good camera lens, it will give a crisp, bright appearance, that we all love.

Also, angle plays a huge factor. Yes, looking up will cause the muzzle to look shorter and looking down will cause the muzzle to look longer. Even when I take pictures of Shiloh, she can move and suddenly her muzzle looks longer that it actually is, and sometimes it doesn't really even look like what I see in front of me. It's just like humans; most of us have a "better side" and there can definitely be bad angles, like shooting from bottom up...thus giving you the dreaded double chin! LOL

With all that said, I think Shinemore's pictures accurately depict the structure of what you get, but if you are really concerned, ask for specific pictures...get a profile shot, that will be the best indication of muzzle length. For me, everything was disclosed to me up front. Narae told me Shiloh had a little tear staining and when I first got her, she did have a little, but it grew out after I changed her food (or at least I believe that to be why it went away). Everything that I asked Narae, she answered them truthfully. There were no surprises here. Honestly, the only thing that didn't show up in her pictures, was Shiloh's loving, sweet and kissy personality. I couldn't be more happier with Shiloh's looks or temperament and will likely get my next malt from Shinemore.
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