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Shinemore Maltese

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I've still got a good while before I get a Maltese but it's slowly getting closer. There are several US Maltese breeders that I would be interested in talking to about buying a Maltese, but I have noticed Shinemore Maltese from Korea and they have some really beautiful dogs. I was just curious if anyone has bought a dog from Shinemore...from the United States or another country, and what your experience with Shinemore was like. Did you have any problems with communication? It seems like it would be harder to make sure a breeder meets your qualifications if they are out of the country. I've heard a few good things about Shinemore but really don't know much about them...I guess I'm trying to figure out if they would be someone I'd want to look into buying from or not. I know it would be so much easier to buy from someone in the US and I will probably end up doing that...but I'm open to buying from breeders out of the country if I know they are what I want in a breeder. Thanks
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Would any of you have a problem getting a older puppy from Shinemore? She's 7 months old. I take it they don't understand English LOL![/B]
I don't think I'd have a problem getting an older pup with Shinemore (or anyone else, for that matter). I think the benefit is you more or less know what they'll look like full-grown, they're normally far along in potty training, you can ask about what their personality is like and from what I hear, there's no problem with bonding (contrary to what I used to think). Are you looking at Gloria?

I talked to Lee back and forth for a while via email when I was looking. She was extremely friendly, and understood English, so definitely contact her. Granted, it isn't her first language, but there's definitely no problem understanding her and she answered all my questions.

The thing you have to think about is whether it's worth it to you to ship a pup 10+ hours, without being able to ever see/meet them first, when there are tons of great breeders right here in the country. I was serious about them, but when a pup that fit me turned up in the States, I jumped on it, and was able to fly to pick her up so she wouldn't be shipped in cargo.

Anyway, best of luck! Hope that helped a bit..
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