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Shinemore Maltese

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I've still got a good while before I get a Maltese but it's slowly getting closer. There are several US Maltese breeders that I would be interested in talking to about buying a Maltese, but I have noticed Shinemore Maltese from Korea and they have some really beautiful dogs. I was just curious if anyone has bought a dog from Shinemore...from the United States or another country, and what your experience with Shinemore was like. Did you have any problems with communication? It seems like it would be harder to make sure a breeder meets your qualifications if they are out of the country. I've heard a few good things about Shinemore but really don't know much about them...I guess I'm trying to figure out if they would be someone I'd want to look into buying from or not. I know it would be so much easier to buy from someone in the US and I will probably end up doing that...but I'm open to buying from breeders out of the country if I know they are what I want in a breeder. Thanks
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In assuming you are not going to Korea to pick up here is my experience with shipping cargo. I would call the airline Shinemore or Sunnydales uses and ask them myself what their rules are. Before getting Romo his breeder assured me with confidence that he would be fine to ship cargo by Continental. Continental airlines is one of the very few who has climate controlled (same temperature and pressure as in passengers area) cargo area for live animals. Not all Continental aircrafts are the same (Express aicrafts are not climate controlled) but I would assume if using possibly Korean Airlines that aircraft would be (assuming).

I almost didn't get Romo because I was so worried about him having to fly 8hrs (with 1 stop). I just didn't understand how safe & comfortable he could be. I know if I fly for more then even 2hrs I am jet lagged and anxious to get off that plane. So I worried for days with many sleepless nights because I wanted him so badly, he was the perfect one for me. That said I still didn't want to put him through a long flight. Eventually after talking with the airline and breeder I decided to do it. I also had the breeder write into the contract that if anything happens to him whether it may be an illness with vet costs or a tragedy from being shipped then breeder would be responsible. Having said that it wasn't for the $ factor, but the breeder happily agreed because she felt there would not be an issue and was confident he would be fine. It just made me feel better that if breeder would put that in writing then that reassured me Romo would really be ok. I would have been devastated if I was the cause of harm to him just because I wanted him. I was assured that even the best of show dogs are shipped internationally.

When I picked up Romo, Continental employee brought him out a seperate door and handed me his crate. I had to show ID and sign for him at their office. His crate was locked but they had also added some plastic straps all around to ensure it didn't come open. The breeder had a water bottle attached to his crate along with a food and water dish that attaches to the crate. The airline will not allow food or toys in his crate. Just the water bottle. The airlines do not want to be responsible for choking on food. The breeder taped his food in a plastic bag onto the outside top of the crate along with a big note asking them to feed him (she wrote down when he was last fed). I know they fed him because when I opened the crate he had food on the floor of the crate (must have fallen out of the bowl), This made me feel much better that he didn't starve!

I took with me bath wipes, paper towels, garbage bag, pee pads, food, water and toy to the airport. I was well prepared for I thought he would be covered in pee and poo after 8hrs. But he was clean as a whistle!!! I didn't need to use a thing to clean him. I did put out a pee pad for him at the airport but he didn't go. I offered him food he didn't want it. He just wanted out of that crate and to be in my arms! He was alert, happy and so excited to see me. What a relief!

As soon as we got home we layed out a pee pad and he went right to it and peed! I was amazed thinking "wow, he's pee trained!" But of course he still has accidents, lol. He ate when we got home too. No issues at all with eating, playing or potty!

My mom still goes to Korea (yes, I am Korean but haven't been back there in 35yrs myself). From Upstate NY she has to fly into JFK or Chicago but it takes her over 24hrs to get to Korea. She hates the flying way too long for her.

I am not saying this happy ending is always the case but in mine I was lucky and very happy. I think for those who never had their puppy shipped it would they would be against it (like I was at first) but that is because of the unknown. Even with my good experience there is a difference in an 8hr flight vs. 24hrs.

I would PM Shiloh's mom, Moshi Melo. Her gorgeous girl is from Shinemore. I would love a Shinemore baby (Lee Na Rae just emailed me last week says they have a girl). I wouldn't worry about language barrier many Koreans not only understand but speak the English. Did you know that Korean pop singers sing American pop songs in English! LOL. Just more info for you. :bysmilie:

One more thing...If you decide to go to Korea and pick up then have her with you as a passenger. Continental airline told me puppy is not allowed out of the carrier. Like someone mentioned it may be ok if you get nice stuartist though. So whether you go and pick up or puppy is flown by herself it's still flying.

One last thing...some breeders have a "nanny" service who will personally fly with your baby and hand deliver to you right at the airport. That normally runs about $300 in addition to all other costs.

Sorry for the info overload. I wish I had known all this before when trying to decide. Good luck in whatever you do.
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