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Shoes or no shoes? Steps?

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I was wondering what kind of shoe I should buy for Rocky. The ground is going to get hotter and hotter here in Arizona...and although I'll probably start walking him earlier than 8 am, I was thinking of getting him shoes to protect him from heat, rain and also dirt...his feet get black after walks. Do they stay on? What are the pros and cons of getting them?

Do many of you use them? IF so what kind and where do I get them?

Where do I order reasonably priced steps for Rocky to get on our couch? And what kind is best? He's been sitting with us on the couch, but I'm afraid to leave him there even for a second. With steps he can use himself, I won't worry about him jumping off...he hasn't tried that yet, but I don't want to take any chances. I see some for 46.00 in's just plastic. I wanted something narrow to go on one side of our large coffee table by the corner of the sectional. My husband is insisting we don't need such silly things. But I'm thinking they are I wrong?
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Interesting that you brought this up. My DH has our Black Lab with him in Phoenix, and a friend of our just gave him boots for her for the summer. I've never seen this kind before, but they get wet/cool on the bottoms like the neck bands that you can soak for humans. I'm trying to find out where she got these and if they come in smaller sizes for the Malts. You can always get the boots that they use for winter with the rubber soles. They're available on-line and at PetSmart and PetCo.

As far as the stairs go, you can also find these on-line. I agree that it's good to have them to help prevent accidents and patella problems. I would suggest getting the kind that are covered with carpet.
I had looked at a pair called skyliner a year or two ago they are made by Bark n boots. You might try googling them. I was going to order them from but they are often sold out there.
I have no clue but let me know if you end up getting any/what kind/if Rocky will leave them on

We live in Vegas and I just walk them very early in the morning while it's still cool/the ground isn't boiling hot. I always cringe when I see people walking their dog's in the middle of the day in the summer - want to shout at them to take off their shoes and feel how hot the ground is :p
I walk him at 8am every morning for an hour...looks like I'll be getting out a lot earlier when the hot weather comes. Thought it would also help with keeping his feet and legs cleaner when romping through wet grass. Guess I want it all, LOL! I'll let you know if anything works. My sister lives in North Las Vegas.
These are too expensive for me and I checked out the reviews and some say they don't stay on because they are too short. Thanks for your reply...I checked out go fetch too.
I ordered the stairs on ebay...great price. Let me know if you find out, sounds good!
I can't give any advice/suggestions on the shoes, but I think the stairs are certainly the way to go! I had some made here at a furniture store (as there isn't the pet market here as in the US, so no availability in stores), and that was one of the best things I could have done for Bisou.

She loves them and I feel more secure about her not hurting herself. Good luck!
Went to Petsmart tonite and found Muttluks...tried them on Rocky and even though he fought us a little, they fit GREAT. I found them on a rack that said 24.00 and when my husband went to pay for them they are 50.00.....I found them on Amazon for 39. but then you have to pay shipping...I'll wait and see if I can find them anywhere cheaper. There's no rush for them and if I have to I will get up at the crack of dawn so he can run in the grassy area he loves. :w00t:
I found the steps on Ebay, with the carpet on them...I can't wait to get them! They were 29.00 and are a lot more in the stores.
I don't know which stairs you got, but make sure they are not too steep. We made that mistake and had to buy another one. We have a ramp (that converts to stairs too) in our bedroom. It's really great but expensive (175$). The one we have on the couch is from PetsMart and was a lot cheaper.
It's made by Pet Gear, easy step 1. It's only two steps because we have a low profile sectional and I think it will work...we measured it and he does great with steps when we go walking through the park. Thanks Janine...I hope it works, we'll see!

Forgot to mention your steps look really nice and ramp are nice! I see your sectional is higher than mine.
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