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I was reading some threads about shots. My dogs are comming due for their rabies shots (I give them every year, in WV we have had cases of rabies so I would rather be safe than sorry).
I was also thinking of updateing thier other shots since I am takeing them with me on a trip to our camp , I was wondering what your thougths on this? If I should update their other shots what shots should I have to vet give?
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There is no reason to vaccinate for rabies more than every 3 years unless it is required by law.
Do you have a lot of parvo in your area or where you are going? Distemper? Lepto? Find out your risk level and then it is a decision with each dog whether a booster is warranted.
West Virginia just amended its rabies law from two to three years.

State Law Requires Dogs, Cats to Receive Rabies Booster Ever 3 Years - State Journal -

No need to get it any more often. The vaccine lasts for at least three years.

One company, Pfizer Inc., decided to test its one-year rabies vaccine on live animals and discovered it lasted for at least three years. It sells the identical formula simply packaged under different labels - Defensor 1 and Defensor 3 - to satisfy different state vaccination requirements.

Some Vets Rethink the Need for Annual Pet Vaccinations

Did you see the video Nikki's Mom posted the other day?
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In the article you posted it says
Dog and cat owners must have their pets vaccinated with the initial rabies vaccine with a booster one year later, so do they need the booster this year? Since they had the actual shot last year?
I will talk to the vet Saturday. I am takeing two of my dogs in for a routine exam. I will ask them about the shots and see if I will be in a high risk area.
The get one shot as a pup which is good for ONE YEAR. So at about a year and a half of age they can receive a THREE YEAR vaccine.
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